I Was Looking for New Scaffolding Jobs

Scaffolding Clamp (CSC01) - China Scaffolding Coupler,Steel ClampI went to www.scaffoldingsite.co.uk to try and find a higher paying job as a scaffolder. I have had classroom training and experience on the job. It is tough work. I am out there with my crewmates from early in the morning to sometimes very late in the afternoon. We erect small and large scaffolding projects for all kinds of construction sites. We build high scaffolding to keep workers safe while they work on the exterior of a structure. We also build scaffolds to do interior work in buildings with very high ceilings.

Every job is a big puzzle of fitting together layer upon layer of scaffold so that everyone from brick masons to window glazers can get their work done. Scaffolding is one of the first things to go up and the last things to come down at a construction site.