My Sister’s Dogue De Bordeaux

My sister has had her dogue de bordeaux for a while now, and he’s turning out to be a great part of the family. She was just visiting this weekend for my daughter’s graduation, and we got to spend a lot of time with him.

My sister, years ago, had a Neapolitan mastiff, but I have to say that the Dogue de Bordeaux seems like a more substantial dog. He’s very sturdy and very strong. He is also gorgeous to look at; I think my sister says that he is “brindle”-colored, but he looks like a very bright orange-brown to me. His paws are enormous! Her dog right now is about a year old, and I can’t imagine how big he’s going to be when he gets full-grown.

He was really cute when we went to the beach, beause he had never been to the ocean before. He really wanted to drink the water. He seemed amazed, as if there was a never ending water bowl just sitting there for him! We were a little worried because it was saltwater he was lapping up–but he seemed fine. He ran from the waves, and was an all around cutie.

So far, my sister’s dog is healthy. She bought him from a breeder before he was even born, so she knows his pedigree and the breeder’s vet gave him a clean bill of health before my sister got him.

My sister’s Dogue de Bordeaux gets along pretty well with my sister’s other dog, who is a little bit older. He tries to be the boss, however, so my sister sometimes has to step in so that he is more considerate of the older dog!

Overall, my sisters dog is a really sweet animal and we are happy to have him around. My sister might even get another dog of the same breed, because she likes his temperament so much.