A New Breed of Leaders

When our department pulled up the servers, the employees and basically everything but the building we worked in and moved it all to Toronto, things were more than a little chaotic to say the least. As work was begun on the new building for our server center, it was no surprise that many of the big wigs from corporate and their partners began to trickle into Toronto to take a look at our progress or just to stand around and make mouth noises of disapproval. Our lead developer on the project had to hire Limo-King to help get these guys out of our way. It’s a funny relationship, the I.T departments and the executive, corporate departments. Often enough they understand very little about what we are doing or why it can cost so very much, with their complaints often regarding the employee wages which are consistently followed up by whether we can fire half the staff or not. Fools, the lot of them. Continue reading

Best SEO Optimization in Sussex

The website for my company has not been receiving as many monthly views as it used to. That is unfortunate, as we had been planning to rely more on the website for marketing purposes. Additionally, we are in the process of developing an online shop for the website, so that customers will be able to purchase our products over the Internet. So, on account of these factors, I have taken upon myself to seek out a great company that does SEO in Sussex.

The website needs to be optimized, with regards to SEO, so that it will rank more highly,and show up in the results of more searches. I know that some of that can be done by using specific keywords, in a certain frequency, on the website itself. That is something that will definitely be accomplished.