Plumbers Work a Lot Faster Than My Husband Does

We decided to buy an investment property so that we could make a better life for ourselves during our retirement years. We bought a great place and then decided to rent out our old place. We did some nice surface work to get it ready for tenants, but soon found ourselves needing to bring in a plumber in Morris County NJ when our tenants called to say their living room was flooded.

My husband rushed right over there to see what was going on. He first assumed that our new tenants caused the problem, but he soon figured out that it was because we have some pretty old pipes. Continue reading

How Hard is It to Put in a Shower Stall

So we have had this house for about nine months now. We could afford the place and that made it attractive, even though it needed a lot of work. In fact we are pretty much determined to completely remodel the place, the baths and the kitchen are the priority obviously. I already had this plumber in Essex county NJ give me some quotes on the job, but of course I did not really care that much for the price that he gave me. He offered me a couple of options. Of course he was willing to do parts of the job or the entire thing, so he broke it down. Continue reading

Finding Good Deals on a Painter

My house kind of looks pretty run down at the moment and I am not very happy about it at all. It is really annoying, to be honest, and I am not sure what to do, other than to try to make the best of situation by making some repairs to the house. One of the first things to be done is to find a painter in Bergen county NJ to paint my house, because I really do not like the look of the house right now.

The original coat of paint on the house is peeling and chipping off and it really just looks awful. Continue reading

Favors That Were a Huge Hit

When my daughter and her fiance asked me for some help in designing their wedding favors, I was happy to do so. I knew that they wanted to put together their wedding on their own, so I was happy to be involved in this part at least. When they told me what they wanted for their favors, I had to tell them how boring their ideas were. I felt comfortable doing that, and they agreed with me but were stumped on what to do. I researched some options and found some wine wedding favors in NJ that would be perfect for them.

While it would take me out of the process altogether, I knew that it would be perfect for the two of them. Nearly everyone going to their wedding reception enjoys a nice glass of wine now and again, and this would be a wedding favor that they would enjoy instead of tossing in the back of a drawer or in the back of a cupboard. Continue reading