Looking for a Roommate for My Mom

Of course this is something that we are looking at because we think that we can get my Mom to go for it. We were thinking about maybe finding some sort of senior companion in Queens, that is some other woman to share my Mom’s apartment and help look after the place. of course it makes sense to her, but you have to find some person who wants to do it and is worthy of your trust. Obviously you have to worry about their relatives too. If you do it with the wrong person they could have some hoodlum relatives move in on the sly. All sorts of bad things could potentially happen. You just have to make sure that you make a good choice and obviously you have to vet the choice very very carefully. It seems like it would be pretty easy to find one sweet old lady in a city this size, but it needs to be some person in relatively good health who has a need and a desire to go along with the plan. Continue reading

Keep Your Gutters Clean of Gunk

While many home owners think about cleaning their gutters in the fall, taking care of them year-round will help ensure the health of your roof (if you need roof repair in Queens, these guys are the best), home and foundation. Gutters filter rain and runoff from your roof to the ground, away from the house’s foundation. Gutters can get clogged with leaves and debris; warped due to heat or age; or simply fall out of alignment or disconnect from drainage spouts. Here’s a closer look at what home owners need to keep in mind with regards to their gutters.

When they’re functioning optimally, gutters play an important role in protecting your roof, home, and foundation from water damage. Gutters that haven’t been serviced can cause several types of problems, depending on your home and the season. Debris, such as leaves, can create blockages within your gutter. These clogs allow rain to back up in the gutter channels. Continue reading