The Kids Can Break Anything


My kids find a way to break a lot of things in my home, but I never thought they would be able to break the air conditioner. They found a way, and when I saw that they had done, I was furious. I had to pay for AC installation in NYC, and I passed that on to my kids. I make the kids do a lot of chores and took away their games and toys. It was the only way I could make them think twice about their actions in the future. Like most kids, they weren’t happy with the discipline they were getting, but at least I didn’t break their toys in front of them.

My kids love to play outside, but they hate to do any kind of yard work, so I had them pull out all of the weeds in the backyard by hand. Normally I do this with the help of tools and herbicides, but manual labor is much better for children who need to be punished. I gave the kids their own set of gloves and watched them as they went to work. They had to deal with all of the English Ivy that was growing on the sides of the trees and fences.

When the kids were done in the backyard, they were tired and their shirts were covered in brown and green spots from the yard. They were glad to be done for the day, but they weren’t done with their punishment by a long shot. My wife thought it would be a good idea to take away their dessert and to send them to bed early after dinner. They usually like to play some games or watch a little television before bed, but they can do that when they’ve finally learned their lesson.