Shingle on Our Home Mark the Decades We Have Lived There

Shingles do not last forever. That is what I thought the day the shingles were replaced on our newly acquired home back before our daughter was born. My bride and I had just returned from our honeymoon a few months before, and we were at the end of a lease for our apartment. When she told me she was pregnant, I had her pick out the home she wanted that was within our mortgage budget. Both of us being teachers let us get a decent home. Now our daughter is married with children, and roof repair in Brooklyn NY from a new company is coming out to redo the shingles on our home for a second time. We got 27 years out of those first shingles.

My wife and I both have some gray hairs now. You will never see hers, but I do not cover mine up with hair coloring. Hey, I did when they first started coming in though. I used the hair coloring on my beard too. It is just too much upkeep for a guy to do. Continue reading