A New Breed of Leaders

When our department pulled up the servers, the employees and basically everything but the building we worked in and moved it all to Toronto, things were more than a little chaotic to say the least. As work was begun on the new building for our server center, it was no surprise that many of the big wigs from corporate and their partners began to trickle into Toronto to take a look at our progress or just to stand around and make mouth noises of disapproval. Our lead developer on the project had to hire Limo-King to help get these guys out of our way. It’s a funny relationship, the I.T departments and the executive, corporate departments. Often enough they understand very little about what we are doing or why it can cost so very much, with their complaints often regarding the employee wages which are consistently followed up by whether we can fire half the staff or not. Fools, the lot of them.

Fortunately for our company, the board has keen insights into the necessary place of I.T and how they allow the company to continue working in the profitable and efficient manner that it currently does. If it were up to these middle management guys, they would have a single I.T guy behind a desk, smuggled away in some dark corner of the server room, slaving away doing the work of ten guys at half their pay. Personally, I think there needs to be some kind of certificate requirement to even be able to become management. A leader should know, even on the basic level, as to how their company works and which department is capable of doing. If they don’t know these things, how are they ever going to be able to make the right and informed decisions a company needs?