A Perfect Storm of Skin Disorders

When my parents got together with the wonderful idea of having children, who knew that their genetics would blend in the most horrible of ways. While that child may have come out with all its fingers and toes with a healthy heart and brain, they could have never predicted the that the skin disorders which exist on both sides of their families would have manifested in the way that it did for me. Ever since I was a baby I’ve been coping with one skin issue or another. Only after reading Vine Vera reviews when I was a teenager was I able to find a product that helped my atrociously dry skin.

It wasn’t bad enough that I had acne as well as eczema but the dry skin that was associated with both of those disorders was only enhanced by the fact that I had naturally dry skin. It’s not just oil that can cause acne and with very little oil present in my skin, I was a walking perfect storm of skin disorders. I can only thank my lucky stars that I haven’t had to deal with Psoriasis. For me, High School was one of the worst possible experiences thanks to all the teasing that I received.

It doesn’t even stop there. With eczema came allergies and with allergies came asthma, the trifecta of disorders. Being young was a terrible time for a kid with a cornucopia of disorders and I am lucky that I was able to find the products early on that have allowed me to mitigate much of the damage that they might have caused had otherwise. I’ve seen what sort of scars that acne can leave behind and I’ve got to say that is definitely not something else that I would care to stack on with the rest of this.