Browsing What else is out There

Even though we added a thousand square feet on to my house, I still feel that this is not my home. I have a feeling that there is a house out there that I can consider my home, where I will be comfortable. I do love my house, I decorated and designed most of it myself but I still do not have that fuzzy feeling in my stomach when I come home after work each day. I am always looking at homes and searching for that one home that will give me the warm and fuzzy feeling.

I know a house is just a place, it is not where you literally have to live your entire life, but I think it’s important to be comfortable where you lay your head each night. I currently live in an L shaped ranch but I would like to live in a two story colonial home with a wrapped around porch. There are many people that would like to live in my house, I am told that many times each year, but it’s not that same.

I found a lovely colonial in a nearby town and I would like to go and look at it in person as there is an open house this weekend. I have to figure out a way to tell my husband that I want to go and look at another house because he is the one who built the one that we currently live in. Its going to be difficult for me to tell him that I don’t want to live in this house anymore, as he believes he created a home for us. I have to show him the house first and point out all the good points as to why we should go look at it and then make it easier for him to understand why I like it so much.