Doing Some Work at the Convention Center

I spent yesterday doing the roll-up displays | simple.easy.light. It was not as straight forward as I would have liked for it to be as some of the things you need to put it together were not where they were supposed to be. They apparently ended up on a different truck and they got stranded at a freight depot about half an hour South of the Convention site. There was nothing we could do except to go lease a truck and go get it, because you can not have much of a trade show display with two thirds of the display. I had to get a temp guy to help me, but that was not too bad. My boss got all mad about it, but he loves to be dramatic about stuff and it was not as though there was any way that I could have fixed it. He got to yell at the people who were supposed to have gotten all this done, but I could see what had happened and he was probably the one who had screwed it up.

At any rate we are sort of going to have a lot of trouble getting people in this booth for them to talk to. The reason is pretty simple. They have about fifty swimsuit models at the other displays, apparently that is how you do it. If your clients are all men who like girls it makes a lot of sense. If you could teach the girls to sell for you then it would work great. I talked to some of them, as I like girls too. It was pretty obvious that they mostly knew how to stand around smiling really big and looking like a million bucks, or at least looking like a very attractive young woman it seems.