Doing Some Work on a Blog

Of course my boss is in charge of this blog and to put it bluntly she is really going over the top looking to gather traffic. She has a lot of really in your fact titles on her articles. I spit up some coffee this morning when I read her title for her latest argument. How to be teh Dominant sexual power in your relationship. I think she was trying to be sarcastic, but I can not ever quite tell. It is like she has this very quirky sense of humor, which is hard for many people to grasp. That includes me and a lot of the other people. In fact she has a big following on the internet pretty much and my job is to flesh out the blog. She is like the editor in chief, while me and two other people are in charge of turning it into a big thing. No matter how prolific one person is, there is a limit to how much they can produce.

Of course the idea is to get people to come on here and contribute and to have people we can interview, the sort of people the readers would recognize. I do get to meet a few famous people, but most of the time I submit a list of questions and then the answers come back. I have to get rid of a lot of it, because it is not very useful to be honest. Instead of getting an entertaining and informative interview you end up with some crap that was put together by a PR team. It is not like those people make stuff that any person would sit down to read. They are trying to craft a message that makes the person they rep look as good as is possible.