How Hard is It to Put in a Shower Stall

So we have had this house for about nine months now. We could afford the place and that made it attractive, even though it needed a lot of work. In fact we are pretty much determined to completely remodel the place, the baths and the kitchen are the priority obviously. I already had this plumber in Essex county NJ give me some quotes on the job, but of course I did not really care that much for the price that he gave me. He offered me a couple of options. Of course he was willing to do parts of the job or the entire thing, so he broke it down. I was asking him because the replacement of the shower is the part that I find completely daunting. I think that I could do the rest of it, although it is not like I have a huge amount of confidence and I am quite certain that a pro could do the job better.

It is probably not that hard to do any of the rest of it, not if you are willing to take your time and figure it out before you get started on the end game. You do not want to get to the middle of the job and figure out that you have done it wrong and you have to start over again. Of course the hard part seems to be when you have to rip out the tub that is in it now. You have to get it out and then you have to put in a new shower. It is not like you get a long time to do that. Once you take the tub out you have to be ready to replace it, because you have to have a shower of some kind obviously.