I Like Kettle Bell Kick Boxing

I like the idea of kettle bell kick boxing. It combines using kettlebells for hand weights and training doing kickboxing moves. It is a real fat burning muscle building exercise routine. The handle on a kettlebell is perfect for doing one or two-handed exercises. I just pick a suitable weight of kettlebell and get busy with the exercises.

Combining the kick boxing gives me both cardio and weight training. I can burn fat, and build stamina and muscle. It is something that I had to start out with at a very basic level, but it is surprising how fast one can move on to more complex and difficult routines. It takes commitment just like any exercise routine does. I work toward small goals and larger goals at the same time. It helps to keep me motivated seeing progress in the little and big steps.

The kettlebells I use have a flat spot on the bottom and the side so that they do not roll around when they are placed on the floor. This makes them easy to store on the floor along any wall. Just line them up and they stay put. Kettlebells are easy to hang onto when doing exercises where the weights are swung around. They are the best weights to use with this type of exercise routine. I have been doing good with this, and plan to keep on moving forward. I am burning fat and building muscle.

Instead of sitting around and watching the numbers on the scale continue to climb, I decided to do something about it. I could have picked any exercise to do, but this one seemed to suit me well. I was not so sure about the kettlebells until I tried them. They are different than dumbbells, and I think I like them better.