Increasing Our Sales Through Training

My business is small compared to larger corporations, but I have the same goals as those companies. We are all in business to succeed, and that was the main reason why I was interested in some of my employees taking a three day course on consultative selling. It seemed that these specific workers had all of the key elements to make great contributions to the company with the exception of one, which is perhaps the most important aspect of any company. In order to keep going, any company has to have customers. In order to keep customers, you have to constantly sell yourself to existing as well as prospective customers.

While this small group of workers did a fine job, I knew that they could do a lot better. They each have charisma and drive, and I knew that giving them a small jolt of training on sales would be what takes them all to the next level. I knew that this training would have to come from someone other than myself though. I needed a professional company to show them what they were missing in their sales endeavors. Don’t get me wrong, because they were doing just fine before this training. I just knew that they could do better.

I looked at a few different programs, and I was really happy with the one that we ended up using. I even sat in for it, because I don’t hold myself above training when it can better all of us together. We learned about negotiating, how to solve problems, how to deal with customers who are resisting more than they are giving in, and so much more. It really was amazing to go through this, and it actually works too. Our bottom line is all the proof that I need to see to know that!