Is There an Appetite Suppressant That is Not a Stimulant?

There are so many dietary supplements to choose from that I get confused. I know I did not want anything that was a stimulant to lose weight. I was interested in something that was an appetite suppressant instead. Another thing I was interested in was the product being an all natural dietary supplement. Something along the lines of a pure fruit extract concentrated to be an effective aid in weight loss. I found information about these things at

There are a lot of things you can take to help you lose weight. However, not every product is for every person. My biggest thing was craving food. Not just being hungry but really craving food. Every time I went on a diet I would get cravings for fatty and crunchy foods. Peanut butter is my downfall. When I am dieting, I get cravings to eat it by the spoonful. I do not want any bread or crackers just peanut butter. I know, it is weird. However, I have found out that people get all kinds of cravings when they go on a diet.

I used to think it was because my body was lacking something. I even went to my doctor to be checked out. There was nothing wrong with the normal diet I was on. It was enough to sustain both the macro and micro nutrients. My doctor chalked up my cravings to what a lot of people refer to as a food addiction. I was used to downing the fatty and crunchy snacks all of the time. My body knows that those foods taste good and have lots of calories, so I end up craving them when I cut off the daily supply. Then I get to the point I cannot resist and binge on stuff. Yes, for me an appetite suppressant would be something that is very welcome in my weight loss efforts.