Keep Your Gutters Clean of Gunk

While many home owners think about cleaning their gutters in the fall, taking care of them year-round will help ensure the health of your roof (if you need roof repair in Queens, these guys are the best), home and foundation. Gutters filter rain and runoff from your roof to the ground, away from the house’s foundation. Gutters can get clogged with leaves and debris; warped due to heat or age; or simply fall out of alignment or disconnect from drainage spouts. Here’s a closer look at what home owners need to keep in mind with regards to their gutters.

When they’re functioning optimally, gutters play an important role in protecting your roof, home, and foundation from water damage. Gutters that haven’t been serviced can cause several types of problems, depending on your home and the season. Debris, such as leaves, can create blockages within your gutter. These clogs allow rain to back up in the gutter channels. During warm weather, this standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects. In the winter, standing water may freeze and cause your gutters to pull away from the house. Blocked gutters contribute to ice dams which are a leading case of roof leaks. Additionally, if your gutters aren’t channeling water properly, it can spill over and hit your house causing rot after prolonged exposure. Water that doesn’t drain properly can create muddy areas in Spring and Summer, and freeze into safety hazards during winter months.

If you suspect you might be having issues with your gutters, there are two things you can check. The first is to look at the ground immediately around your house. Dirt, mulch, and flowerbeds will often show the first signs of malfunctioning gutters. As runoff spills over on concrete and landscaped areas below, erosion and damage can occur.