Plumbers Work a Lot Faster Than My Husband Does

We decided to buy an investment property so that we could make a better life for ourselves during our retirement years. We bought a great place and then decided to rent out our old place. We did some nice surface work to get it ready for tenants, but soon found ourselves needing to bring in a plumber in Morris County NJ when our tenants called to say their living room was flooded.

My husband rushed right over there to see what was going on. He first assumed that our new tenants caused the problem, but he soon figured out that it was because we have some pretty old pipes. Not only was there trouble in the living room, he soon learned there was trouble under the house in a second area where water lines are located, too.

He thought he could fix the pipes under the living room, but he really could not figure out where the trouble was in the water lines elsewhere under the house. Because we had spent so much money on sprucing up the house in the first place, he decided to tackle both problems on his own. Luckily, he stopped the issue with the living room flooding, but he was having a tougher time with the other problems under our home.

In the meantime, he had spent all day working under the house and did not have a total solution yet. Our tenants have a baby and two older children living with them, and being without water while my husband worked so slowly was not a good situation. My hubby gave up and called a plumber who fixed everything in just mere hours. Our tenants had their water back more quickly than my husband could thanks to the extra help, and it made our tenants very happy as well.