Putting a Living Room Suite in Storage

When my sister asked me if I wanted her living room suite, it took me all of two seconds to say yes. I have always liked it, but I knew I would never be able to afford something like it on my salary. She decided to get a new set of furniture though, and that opened the door for me to get it at no cost. That started a trickle down effect that had me looking at www.store-friendly.com.sg as a result. I didn’t want to sell my own set of living room furniture because one of my friends was getting ready to move and would need to buy furniture for her new place.

She was moving out of her parent’s house, so she couldn’t take any of the furniture with her. Since she was just starting out, she also would not be able to afford to get anything really nice. Since my own furniture was still very comfortable and looked good too, I asked her if she wanted it. She definitely did, but she was not moving for at least three more months.

My sister did not want to wait to get her new furniture, and I did not want to have two sets of furniture in my house. It would have fit, but it would have been unsightly and uncomfortable. I have used this storage facility in the past, so I knew that it would not cost very much to store a few pieces of furniture for three months or so. It really did work out well for all of us. My sister got her new furniture set, and I got a living room suite that I never thought I would have. Best of all, my friend’s load was lightened considerably since she doesn’t have to put out the money for more furniture now.