Real Estate Agents Increase Their Customer Base

Edmonton Real Estate Market Weekly Update – Friday the 13th!As a real estate agent, I have found it very difficult to find new clients in this terrible economy. People are not selling their homes because they are either upside down in equity or because they cannot afford to move. The housing market has yet to recover from the recession from four years ago and even though the rest of the economy is picking up, the housing market still has to show signs of a rebound. Recently I found direct mail postcards for real estate and realtors to help me increase my number of clients.

I designed a post card with the help of a local graphic designer and together we decided what would look best on a postcard to send to potential clients. I took the house that I recently sold and featured it on the post card. I listed the sale price for the house on the card and I included my name and telephone number on the other side. I took the zip code of the town where I sold my house and the three surrounding cities, and send a post card to every residence within those zip codes.

Sending a post card was not very expensive, it literally cost pennies as it is a very lightweight paper. I paid extra for color on my post card and I am really glad I paid for it, the results were amazing. I ended up getting over a sixty percent return on my investment with the amount of calls I got after my postcards went out in the mail. What I like best about the postcards is that they could be written off on my business taxes as a related business expense. They count as a marketing expense and can be deducted, I just have to make sure I save all my receipts.