Researching the Company Before Getting Involved

 ... week's events: Guys Read, Oregon Country Fair, Bastille Day and moreI thought that before I started working with a company like Linear that I would take the time to research a bit about the linear title executive team. I wanted to be sure that the executives that work for the company were the type of people that I like to work with. I do enough work with titles and mortgage closings to know that I have to take the time to learn as much about the heads of the company as I possibly can.

I had worked for a company in prior years that did not take the customer’s position into consideration when they were trying to get things done. The only concern this particular company had in mind when working with customers was trying to find the easiest way to make money off of them. They had no concern for how it was all going to affect the outcome of the customer’s transaction or how they would feel about the company when it was all said and done. This being said, we did not have many customers return to the company for future business.

Now that I am on the other end and have to worry about getting titles taken care of for my investment properties, I decided to take the time to learn as much about different companies as I could so I would have one that I could use for as many transactions as possible without having to be worried about getting ripped off or paperwork not getting filed properly.

While doing my research, I learned quite a bit about the company and the people that work for it. I really think that I have found the company that I will be giving all of my business to and after several transactions, will feel as if I have found the one I had been looking for.