Starting Getting Serious About My Credit

welcome to my debt pay off my debt pay off uses proven financial ...I am only 24, but I made a few mistakes while I was in college and that led to me not really understanding how to use a credit card wisely. Actually I just did not really care at the time. I was having a lot of fun to be honest. I always had girlfriends and I was always taking them out without thinking much about when the debts came home to roost. If I was not out with a girl I would go out with my buddies and drink beer. I really need to get help with your credit here and now though, because I have seriously no other option. Well I could go on not paying attention to this problem and hope that it goes away, but I have a feeling that it would not be a wise move really. Of course the big thing I need to do is to stop spending more than I earn and get serious about paying back what I owe.

Obviously the big thing is to work on what costs me the most to owe and I have already done that in the usual way. I got a new credit card with an introductory rate and move all of the worst debts I have onto it. There were some cards I had used with absolutely piratical rates. I know a guy at work and he tell me that he will lend me money if I give him 23 percent interest. When I think about I would do that as well. You give someone a thousand dollars and they give you back 12 hundred and thirty dollars. Itis a great deal if you are the person collecting the interest. You certainly can not collect that sort of return on any normal investment that I know of.