Starting Your Own Web Based Business

Southwell is in the middle of nowhere but when you get there you are ...I know a couple of guys at work who are interested in starting up a web page that they believe has a lot of potential. Of course they act as though they have discovered the Golden Goose and they are really not willing to explain it in any detail. They not think that I would steal their idea, but they really want me to get my father in law to back them. There is not much reason they should trust him, because the guy is a shark and he does not play by anyone else’s rules. They do web design for the company and from what I can tell they are pretty good at it, but who knows if this idea they have is really that great. They only tell me so much. It has something to do with cars and they need a lot of money to make it work. From what I can tell they are looking for 100 thousand dollars.

I sort of laugh at them for wanting me to go to Dave for them. I can see this conversation. I need a hundred grand old man, but I can not tell you why because I am going to give it to a couple of guy who do not trust me or you with their incredibly brilliant idea. At any rate he does not have that sort of money to be putting into any other risky ventures. Dave is rich only in a way that seems weird. If he sold all the stuff he has, then he could pay off the debts he has and have a good deal of money. However in real terms he is up to his eyeball in debt and the money he has coming in goes to pay for his expenses and such.