The Biggest Mp3 Collection I Have Ever Seen

I have a friend who listens to and then buys music. He has a giant music library of songs that he owns. He listens to songs first, and then he buys them. One site he goes to in order to listen is Krafta. There is quite an eclectic mix there. He buys his Mp3s from various places, and he uses one music player on his phone to coordinate them all. He has playlists for just about everything. He has one mix of foreign songs with American songs that I like that is really cool. It is a mix of things from the rock genre that is really interesting. It is cool to listen to what modern rock sounds like from different countries. You can hear the influences of early American pioneers of the genre even for music that was made thousands of miles away.

He is like a music aficionado. He knows so many details. He is also trained in music. He uses musical notation language to point out things about songs that none of us understands. Then he will say it again in plain English. He can sit down and knock out a melody on the piano after hearing a song one time. He can play a pretty decent guitar too. I don’t think I have ever met anyone else who knows music from around the world like this guy. He should probably write a book. He has the maximum size of memory card that his phone will take to hold hi Mp3 collection. He can click on a playlist that is appropriate for whatever you are feeling.

I know kids that might have a few hundred or even a couple thousand Mp3s on their phones. This guy has a whole lot more than that. Plus, when you are talking about music, he can quickly locate a song to punctuate his point. He has a lot of money tied up in music.