Though Not Interested in Physics, I Still Needed to Get Good Grades in the Subject

My brother told me how I would enjoy my next grade level as it would include an introduction and progressive studies into the science of physics. I was not excited. My desire is much more toward artistic things. However, earning a future degree is going to include at least the fundamentals in many subjects. The push for advancing students in science, math and technology is being felt by me. I emailed my mom and dad the link to I knew I would need a good physics tutor to get a head start in getting good grades in my physics class.

Fortunately, they knew that getting a physics tutor here in Singapore where we live would be a good idea too. My dad is on a long term work contract here, and I have been going to school here in Singapore as far back as I can remember. I had two years of education in our home country, but I barely remember it. This is all I really know, and I don’t always fit in with the culture that the rest of my peers have grown up in since they were born. I don’t plan on earning my living in science, math or technology. Sure, I will use technology just like anyone else, but I am not interested in creating it or deeply understanding it.

My desires lean toward photography and possibly making feature films someday. So, with scripts, sets, acting and videography on my mind a lot, the desire to learn the fundamentals of physics is not in the forefront of my mind at all. However, the tutor we got at has really helped bring the subject of physics alive in a way that I can appreciate and understand. It will help me get a much better grade than I could have on my own.