Used Cars in Great Condition in Columbus

I am going to buy a car for my son in the near future, and I do not want to spoil him by buying a brand new car for him. As such, I am going to get him a used car instead. However, I am concerned with buying a car that will be reliable and will not have very many problems. I would hate for the car to break down on my son right after he started driving it, or something like that. So I need to find used cars in columbus ohio that are in great condition, and have been well-maintained by their previous owner.

I would like to get the car at a good price too, but that is a secondary concern to the condition of the car. I would definitely be willing to spend a little more money to get a car that I know will be reliable. My brother is a mechanic, so I am going to have him come with me and check out any car I am considering buying.