We Prefer DSL to Satellite Internet out Here in the Country

We had a problem with Internet service out in the country. The cable company did not offer service out here. We only had the option of satellite or DSL Internet service. I made the mistake of going with the satellite option thinking the technology was more advanced so it would be faster. It was not too bad as far as speed is concerned, but it was too expensive. I was online a few weeks ago and found an ad that told me to go here for fast DSL Internet service. I took a look at what was being offered and made the switch.

The best thing is that there is no more problems with us going over our data limit. With our old satellite Internet we would always go over. Then it would slow us down until our bill cycled. That was aggravating to say the least. Cellular Internet was way to expensive. We would not be able to afford it for the amount of data we would go through as a family in a month’s time. Getting DSL was a great option. We do not have any problems with it. We watch shows that stream in over the Internet connection while others in the house are also doing stuff online. One evening all four of us were each streaming a separate TV program. We did not have any trouble. I was really impressed with how well the DSL service was handling our bandwidth needs.

The modem we got for the DSL service is also a wireless router. It was easy to set up and get running. I was able to install it myself and have all of our devices connected to it in no time. The instructions were easy to follow. The kids connected their own stuff when they got home from school. I gave them the router password, and they did the rest. You know how tech savvy kids are nowadays.